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What Makes Us Passionate About Altagracia PR

Jazz Hamilton

Classical Pop Recording Artist

CEO and Founder

“Every time I look into children’s eyes, I am reminded of the struggles it took for my elderly grandmother to dress me, to feed me, and to walk me to school just to make sure I had a fair chance at becoming somebody in life. I was raised in Puerto Rico by Abuelita Chepa during a time where education was equated to hechar pa’ lante y desarrollarte en un buen ser humano. I am a product of Puerto Rico’s Escuelas Libre de Música and Sistema de Escuelas Públicas. And so, from my own personal experience, I understand and relate to the struggles faced by our families and youth when it comes to not having resources to pay for private education.

But it was the combination of both scholastic worlds—the academics and the arts—that developed me as a whole individual—a total holistic experience—and catapulted me into a successful international recording artist. My story is the story of many who like me experienced the lack of school materials, antiquated teaching programs, teachers’ lack of skills and innovation, and segregation in the classroom and within the school system. I vowed to one day do something to improve and offer our children the opportunities that I never had, with the same love and holistic approach I got from those who against all odds believed in me and made it their priority to give me a chance: my Abuelita, my mentors, and the world of music.”

~ Jazz 



Denise Figueroa

Altagracia PR Director and  COO

“What makes me passionate about this project? Well, the answer is simple, children! They are the reason for building a world class curricula specialized school with outstanding future opportunities. I am fully passionate in creating an ambiance of success for children from the very first steps to adulthood that will last a lifetime. My greatest desire is for children to have the most exciting, fun-filled, and successful experience during their childhood years with outstanding education, as it will impact their lives forever.”

~ Denise




“My father once told me: ‘Knowledge is the key that opens the door to endless opportunities.’ Imparting in me the desire to serve and to lead, my parents raised me to recognize destiny-driven opportunities. Today, the mere idea of knowing I can be part of this life-changing, destiny-driven project promising to optimize lives of children through education, arts, and leadership as pedagogical approaches simply takes my breath away! Our children are our future. And, it is our responsibility as global leaders and educators to elevate their inquisitive minds—through academic aptitudes, artistic knowledge, and virtuous character traits—to dimensions of Potentiality-and-Actuality (Aristotle’s philosophy that potential comes into fruition when action is set into motion). My passion drives on the youth we will serve (enrolled in our regular and special education programs), and on the opportunity to become their advocate and together embark on this empowering and life-transforming journey! ”

~ Elizabeth