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Our vision is one of a global humanitarian organization geared towards building effective, world class leaders. This vision is founded on a robust academic curriculum that promotes scholastic, personal, and social growth, engagement, and empowerment. Altagracia PR for Education and Performing Arts affords students the opportunity to advance in the latter developmental areas by integrating three learning pillars (specialized departments)

Academic Education, Performing Arts with Entertainment Business Leadership, Religion and Sports. Each of these learning pillars will be strategically used to enhance the educational experience of our pupils, as follows:

  • Academic Education as a world class, 21st century empowerment strategy to equip youth with valuable knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to embrace a brighter future;
  • Performing Arts with Entertainment Business Leadership as an empowering agent to catapult students to reach their fullest potential through artistry; and as a platform to build young entrepreneurs with the business savviness to embark on higher education and global career opportunities.
  • Religion and Sports as necesary tools to instil discipline, social responsibility, spiritual and emotional health as Christians. And to help fully develop the physical capabilities and motor coordination skills that promote healthy habits of nutrition, camaraderie and self esteem.