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Enrollment Termination Policy

Colegio Nuestra Señora De La Altagracia, reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining standards for student conduct and enrollment. CNSA maintains the right to refuse to enroll or expel any student who violates the standards set down in the school handbook and Student Conduct Code, as defined by the administration.

Probation is defined as a set time, agreed upon by both CNSA Administration and the student’s parents, wherein said student performs a disciplinary exercise, completes a set amount of schoolwork, or exhibits appropriate improved behavior as delineated in a joint meeting of administration, parents, and student.

Expelling a student is a serious matter and is taken with prayerful consideration at CNSA. Causes for probation and/or expulsion include but are not limited to the following reasons:

1. Not abiding by CNSA Student Conduct Code (see above).

2. Not completing schoolwork or taking tests.

3. Cheating on tests or lying.

4. Not completing enough schoolwork during a school year because of absence of parental or adult authority, family schedule, or lack of personal discipline.

5. Not attending 180 days of school during the months of Aug-July.

6. Breaking the law, getting arrested, getting reported to the police, or running away

Please be advised that engaging in these compromising activities may terminate a student’s enrollment, and the school may request a withdrawal of any student at any time.

The CNSA administrators have a heartfelt concern and commitment for the students and families that we serve, and we present this guideline in the spirit of love. However, there is an additional commitment to God, Our Lady Of Altagracia and ultimately to the responsibility for the future of these students and others to be considered. In the light of these goals, a student’s lifestyle is an important consideration.