At Altagracia PR in alliance with Equinox Academies, the mission is to empower our youth through academic programs that engage and challenge the young minds to embrace the educational learning experience from the perspective of cognitive, interpretative, and critical reasoning. Building on scholarly aptitudes such as writing, reading, analytical skills, emotional intelligence, spiritual leadership, etcetera. Altagracia PR Equinox Academy strives to build exemplary students that outperform academic expectations and emerge as effective leaders in a private school environment and in their communities.

At Altagracia PR, we use the Equinox Academies Four Core Standards of Excellence to cement our values and instructional structure in alignment with our credo, motto, mission, and vision. These key standards (a) identify academics need and interests of students, (b) uphold high standards of expectations and accountability for students and teachers, (c) provide ongoing academic and social support to students, and (d) celebrate and display the achievements of our students.

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